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Head Bioinformatics Disease Understanding

AC €120k Permanent

Location – Aachen, Germany

Salary – 120k Base + Bonus



  • You will be responsible for the strategic and operational management of a team of dedicated Bioinformatics and Data Mining Scientists
  • You will build an operational framework for the team in order to make a strategic impact on the progression of drug development projects and to identify synergies with target validation, systems biology and translational sciences/experimental medicine activities
  • You will build an operational process for the design and execution of high quality experimental work, implementation of robust data analysis techniques/ advanced data analysis techniques, with strategic integration and interpretation of data
  • You will build an operational strategy for the application of human genetics/ pharmacogenetics to support target assessment activities
  • You will be responsible for the identification of opportunities for strategic support of cross-functional Research and Development activities (e.g. target validation, disease and drug mechanism understanding, biomarker identification and systems biology ) and external collaborations
  • You will be responsible for developing and maintaining a cutting-edge data analysis platform (including machine learning techniques) that will support a range of large-scale analyses using multiple data types (e.g. pre-clinical/ clinical data, genetic variants, pharmacology etc)



  • You will have a minimum of 5 years of experience and a strong track record of applying computational tools and techniques to drug development projects
  • You will have demonstrated, recent ability to design and lead human genetics studies delivering novel and actionable genetic findings with measurable impact on R&D pipeline (e.g. generated novel targets/projects that advanced to clinical stage, identification of biomarkers used in pre/clinical settings)
  • You will have practical experience of working in a highly virtual R&D setup with extensive leveraging of external collaborations and partners for execution of genetic/ -omics strategies
  • You are truth-seeking and delivery focused, a driven/passionate scientist with a strong focus on creating value, problem-solving and making things happen
  • You enjoy building and developing an environment for your team to excel and thrive
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